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 Wine Questions Answered

Have you got a question about the world of wine that you would like answered?

If so please email Lee Isaacs (01865 249500) who runs our Oxford branch with your question and he will get back to you with the answer.

  • What is malolactic fermentation?
  • Why are so many wines bottled with a screw cap these days?
  • How long can I keep a wine once it is opened?
  • Are there any red wines I can chill?
  • Are there any red wines I can drink with fish?
  • Why are some wines 'corked'?
  • Does wine that smells and tastes like chocolate actually have chocolate in it?
  • Why can I not buy Sancerre from New Zealand?
  • What is the difference between a Left Bank and a Right Bank Bordeaux?
  • Is wine always made from grapes?
  • Why is it necessary to decant some wines and not others?

If you have asked these questions before, or have any other wine related queries, just contact Lee and he will provide the answers for you.