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Mark's Moment of Fame!

In honour of National Prosecco Day yesterday, Turl Street Shop Manager Mark Warde-Aldam was interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford's Jamie Ryan on the subject of whether we have reached 'Peak Prosecco'. 

Mark said: Fifteen years ago no-one even knew what Prosecco was, and we have witnessed this massive growth over the years. 

Champagne prices have got absolutely astronomical now - I mean, Bollinger is over 40 quid a bottle. I think we're all looking for something that's nice and light and frivolous and easy to drink and Prosecco seems to tick all those boxes. It's very light, very fresh, very clean. 

But I suspect that sales of Prosecco have probably peaked. We are always full of fashion and fads in the booze business. I think we've probably been drinking Prosecco for about ten years now and it's really reached a kind of crescendo and I suspect that Cava might have a sudden resurgence, because Cava is extremely good value. 

So I wouldn't mind betting that the next thing that'll start to sell well will be Cava. 

You can listen here - just skip to 1:49 to hear the segment!

Date: 14/08/2018 | Author: Emily Silva