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Our First Ever Taste Off! Argentina vs. South Africa. Thursday 06/02/14. 

Hosted by Lee Isaacs & Aljoscha Wright

The Oxford Wine Company, 165 Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0PB.

Since the store first opened back in 2010 we have always run a free tasting on the first Thursday of the month. As one can imagine we have used a variety of themes in that time and were starting to run a little dry. I spent some time, well, a few minutes to be honest, thinking about what we could do. Suddenly, it was obvious; I love wines from Argentina and my colleague Aljoscha has a penchant for the South African stuff (for obvious reasons!) Why not have a blind taste off?Aljoscha had to choose a white and a red from S.A. and I would do the same from Argentina, but we would not reveal our wines to each other until the tasting! 

I chose the Tapiz Torrontés and Obra Prima Malbec whilst Aljoscha showed a Gewurztraminer and the Ondine Cabernet Franc. 4 great wines that were all enjoyed. At the end of the evening tasters voted on their favourite in each pair. I easily won on the white front with the Tapiz showing magnificently but my Malbec was no competition for Aljoscha's Ondine which would blow many wines at twice the price out of the water. 

Lee Isaacs - Branch Manager.