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I have talked before about wine fraudsters and how many have successfully duped unsuspecting buyers, especially from the Far East, into drinking fake wine. If done cleverly it is hard to spot but some wine companies have now gone as far as building in chips to their labels/bottles so as to detect future fraud.

However whisky forgers now have "an artificial tongue" with which to contend. The Royal Society of Chemists say they can determine the distiller, age and blend of any whisky by reflecting light off a set of minuscule artificial taste buds.

Forgery has become a huge problem and last year a research group tested 55 expensive whisky bottles and found that 21 were outright frauds and others were distilled earlier than had been claimed on the label. In certain international markets even ordinary whisky claiming to be Glenfiddich has been proven not to have come from that distillery.

The new device , which is too complicated for me to explain or understand, can be taught the distinct signature for each product and is accurate enough to distinguish the smallest differences in blends.

Boris Johnson is promising money and investment in so many areas but I do hope he will soon understand that we will seriously attract voters if he acknowledges that tax on wine is excessively high and ought to be reduced. Previous governments have frozen or reduced Beer and Spirit tax over recent years but walked roughshod over wine drinkers. I would particularly like to bring to the chancellor's attention the excess extra tax on sparkling wine which does nothing to encourage our wonderful farmers who are producing top quality grapes for stunning fizz. With Brexit round the corner surely now is the time to encourage the drinking of sparkling wine - for some there might even be something to celebrate.?

Date: 20/09/2019 | Author: Ted Sandbach