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Great news. Jayne Powell, alias "Champagne Jane," has won the right to keep her brand following a court battle with the Champagne authorities (CIVC). Jayne, who is Australian, was taken to court for infringing the Champagne name as she not only promoted Champagne but also sparkling wine which apparently damaged the goodwill of the Champagne sector. Jayne has been using the name since 2003 running champagne talks, tastings and masterclasses. Incensed by the CIVC's reaction, supporters launched a Jayne v Goliath fund as the legal fees escalated and Jayne was in danger of losing her house and declaring bankruptcy in the face of the bullying behaviour. The presiding Judge did accept that at times Jayne could appear misleading whilst promoting sparkling wine under the "Champagne Jayne " brand but felt that the CIVC had not done enough to compel the closure of Jayne's business. Ironically she was made a Dame Chevalier of the order of Champagne in 2012 and has written a book entitled "Great, Grand and Famous Champagnes." A wonderful and just result and a famous victory for "David!"

Date: 01/12/2015 | Author: Ted Sandbach