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Tom Brady - Retail Manager & Spirits Specialist

Department: Retail Staff


Job Title: Retail Manager & Spirits Specialist

Role: I spend my time in our beautiful bottle shops doing my darndest to find the best possible beverages to suit our lovely customers' needs.

Interests: Spending time at the pub with my favourite people, cycling really fast for miles and miles, talking peoples ears off about films I really like, experiencing the roller coaster of anxiety, despair and pure joy that comes with supporting Liverpool Football Club.

Likes: Long walks in the countryside with my partner Megan and our cockapoo Ernie, lazy mornings with cooked breakfast, endless coffee and the Saturday newspapers, writing short stories and articles about food, drink and hospitality.

Dislikes: Opened Fino Sherry ageing on a pub back bar, people who give hospitality staff a hard time

If you could be served any food/dish what would it be? Charcuterie for days please, don't skimp on the crusty bread, then cheese with quince jelly

If you were a wine which one would it be? Maybe Sherry? Enjoys a warm climate, can occasionally come across as quite dry but also known as a bit of a sweetie

What do you like about working with The Oxford Wine Company? I love all the fantastic, interesting and incredibly knowledgeable folk who work here and the chance to learn from them every day

What is your most diverse achievement? I once managed to learn enough French to convince a few of them I was native (for about three minutes)

Which are your most favoured wines? Spatlese Riesling with perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. Low tannin, high acid, super fruity Beaujolais. Syrah from the Northern Rhone, Rioja Reserva and Oaked Chardonnay with a high acid backbone. Oh ... and late harvest Sauvignon Blanc.

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