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Tim Bradley - Trade and Retail Sales

Department: Trade Sales

Telephone: 07973815977

Job Title: Trade and Retail Sales Representative

Role: Developing existing and new on trade and consumer business

Interests: Wine, scuba diving and satire

Likes: Knowing where everything is

Dislikes: Knowing that I don’t know where anything is.

If you could be served any food/dish what would it be? Slow pan-fired chicken with cream, sun-dried tomatoes and mango chutney!

If you were a wine which one would it be? Chateau Pichon-Longueville Baron. (Or an Alvarinho by the sea….)

What do you like about working with The Oxford Wine Company? Hugely welcoming and generous in sharing their experience.

What is your most diverse achievement? Playing two bridge grand masters when I was only 16. (It was an publicity match at Waterloo station!)

Which are your most favoured wines? The world that is the Languedoc together with the whites of Austria are up there.