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Lee Hosier - Warehouse Manager

Department: Standlake

Telephone: 01865 301144

Job Title: Warehouse Manager

Role: Ensuring the smooth running of the warehouse - and anything else that everyone wants me to do, from gardening to DIY!

Interests: Oxford United FC.

Likes: Spending time with the family and watching Oxford United.

Dislikes: Swindon Town FC.

If you could be served any food/dish, what would it be?: A full English breakfast.

If you were a wine, which one would it be?: One that tastes like lager.

What do you like about working for the Oxford Wine Company?: Being part of a great team.

What is your most diverse achievement?: Being the father of four kids.

Which are your most favoured wines?: Ones that come in lighter bottles - they're easier to get on the vans.