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John Chapman - Managing Director

Department: Directors

Telephone: 01865 301144

Job Title: Operations Manager

Role: Overseeing the day to day smooth running of the company.

Interests: Wine obviously, Skiing, Rugby, Bridge & trying to understand the world.

Likes: The first ski run of the day, my wife and daughter and a pint with friends.

Dislikes: Coconut, Stella Artois and people who fill their wine glass to the brim.

If you could be served any food/dish what would it be? Beef Wellington.

If you were a wine which one would it be? A Palo Cortado Sherry.

What do you like about working with The Oxford Wine Company? No two days are the same and there is no right way.

What is your most diverse achievement? Completing a quite tricky Via Ferrata after a particularly good lunch including a bottle of Daniel Dampt Chablis.

Which are your most favoured wines? Champagnes and good Bordeaux.

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