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Emily Silva - Head of Retail & Marketing

Department: HQ & Accounts

Telephone: 01865 301144

Job Title: Head of Retail & Marketing

Role: Looking after our lovely retail team and spreading the word about Oxford's best Independent Wine Merchant

Interests: Literature (particularly victorian detective fiction and gory revenge tragedies), language learning, foreign and domestic travel, and of course wine.

Likes: Crosswords, Radio 4 and brunch. Preferably all at once.

Dislikes: Poor writing, laziness and ignorance.

If you could be served any food/dish, what would it be?: A really fresh fritto misto, eaten where I can hear the sea.

If you were a wine, which one would it be?: A Riesling: sometimes sweet, usually sharp, and with an occasional sparkle.

What do you like about working for the Oxford Wine Company?: Enthusiastic people, interesting wines, and the opportunity to build a career alongside indulging my passion.

What is your most diverse achievement?: I was a guest on the judging panel at the Mr. Hong Kong 2008 competition.

Which are your most favoured wines?: Aromatic Alsatian whites, Tuscan reds and subtly oaked Chardonnays.

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