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Share a Glass with Chris and the Team at The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse Grill & Rooms is a new addition to Mill Street, Oxford - two minutes from the train station. It opened in June, and serves a retro grill menu, all cooked on local charcoal in a unique Bertha oven. Chris and his team answer our questions below - although to get to know them you really have to stop in for a steak and a glass of wine!

What is the best thing about running a restaurant in Oxford?

Working with a team, amazing customers and giving excellent service. There is no more satisfying feeling than customers walking out buzzing about how amazing their experience was, all because of the hard work your team has put in.

What's the worst?

The unsociable hours can be a chore, but worth it and the end of the day as all the hard work pays off.

What's your favourite wine on your list?

The Miopasso Primitivio from Puglia! It's just so delicious I could drink it all day if it was allowed.

What is your best-selling beverage?

The Sierra Alta Malbec just sits so well with who we are and what we cook that our guests cannot get enough of it!

What's an unmissable food and drink pairing at The Porterhouse?

I'll tell you what to order as a table of two: 

Two Negronis

A bottle of Quara Malbec with an 850g Côte de Boeuf cooked medium rare with Béarnaise Sauce

Two Somerset Pomonas with a Fig & Bourbon brownie to share.

Two coffees or Espresso Martinis

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

John Cleese. Who would not want to have a dinner party with a man who ran the greatest hotel in all of Torquay!

What would you cook, and which wine would you serve with it?

We are simple at heart here, so a lovely medium rare Côte De Boeuf, chips, salad and Béarnaise sauce. I want to share a steak with this man! To follow I can imagine he is the type of man who would enjoy a good cheese board and a bottle of vino to share jokes and stories over.

What's your favourite thing to drink now? What was it ten years ago?

I have soft spot for tasting craft beers and IPAs as you would a wine. There is so much choice and there are so many delicious discoveries to be found! As an uneducated young bartender at 20 years old I would probably have said a pint of lager.

What's your guilty pleasure beverage?

A secret pleasure of mine is a bottle of pudding wine!

If there was one beverage you could remove from the face of the earth, what would it be?

Sambuca, I have never heard anyone say 'I really enjoyed that Sambuca we had last night.' It's just always a bad idea.