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Share a Glass with Sarah McKenzie from The Nut Tree

The Nut Tree is a highly acclaimed, Michelin Star holding restaurant in Murcott. Here, Sarah McKenzie, the Sommelier talks food and wine with us.

Find out more about The Nut Tree by visiting their website

What is the best thing about working at The Nut Tree?

The best thing about working is sharing my new-found knowledge of wine with guests and being able to learn new interesting facts daily.

What is the worst?

Probably having to put away a big order in the cellar, especially in the winter it's freezing!

What's your favourite wine on your wine list?

I would say my favourite wine on the list is Nyetimber's English Sparkling wine, it is a fine example of how England can and is producing some amazing wines.

Which dish would you pair with it?

I would happily sit and eat our olive oil poached halibut which comes with a mussel and vegetable stew, the acidity would work beautifully with the creamy herb sauce.

What is the best selling beverage at The Nut Tree?

One beverage which comes to mind recently would be the new non-alcoholic, distilled Seedlip. It comes in two different flavours Spiced and Garden. There has most definitely been a big boom in sales!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

At my dream dinner party, I would invite; all my close friends and family and have a massive BBQ in the garden, obviously we will have to wait for the summer for that one.

What would you cook, and which wine would you serve with it?

I would cook steaks and minted lamb and serve lots of Cabernet Franc from a producer called Garage Wine Company from Chile. Perfection!

What's your favourite thing to drink now? What was it ten years ago?

My favourite thing to drink now would be a nice cup of coffee in the morning - does the day even start until you've had coffee? 10 years ago would have made me 15 years old, I'm pretty sure I had a huge love for Ribena.

What's your guilty pleasure beverage?

My guilty pleasure beverage would be a Pornstar Martini, I love a cocktail on a night out.

If there was one beverage you could remove from the face of the earth, what would it be?

If I could remove one beverage from the face of the earth it would most definitely be tomato juice! Blahh!