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Sauvignon Blanc produces one of the world's most popular and distinctive white wines. Dry yet fruity with the aroma of herbaceous gooseberry, blackcurrants and that classic ultra fresh zesty grassiness mark out Sauvignon Blanc as a wonderfully characterful grape that just jumps out of the glass at you and begs to be drunk immediately.

On a hot summer's day with the sun shining down on the garden when you're just home from work and feeling good - what's required? A glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc of course. But from where? If it's an aperitif you're after then probably a nice fresh New Zealand Sauvignon would be a good choice. The Kiwi style of highly aromatic, lifted grassy gooseberry flavours would probably do the job perfectly.

However, if there's some fish on the barbecue why not try a wine from Sauvignon's home region: the Loire, such as perhaps a fine Sancerre or even a Pouilly Fumé. These wines have more mineral content than their New Zealand counterparts and their relatively restrained fruit character makes them a good complement to many foods, especially fish and seafood.

Good Sauvignon is also being produced in South Africa and Chile, as well as the Vin de Pays regions of France.

Having a sweet? A nice bottle of Sauternes will do the job and is made from a combination of Sauvignon and the Semillon grape (not many people know that!). Yes, Sauvignon doesn't always come in the classic dry style that we know and love.