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Pyrat XO Reserve Rum, Anguilla

Pyrat XO Reserve Rum, Anguilla




Vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, and light orange citrus
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This ultra-premium Rum is a masterful blend of the very best barrel aged, batch pot distilled rums from all over the Caribbean. Most ageing more than 15years in French Limousin or toasted American oak barrels which give this rum its unique rich, smooth and spicy character. With these characters as well as notes of vanilla, Kiwi fruit and orange make it the perfect drink to welcome summer. Be it in a tumbler with ice and a twist of lemon peel or in a cocktail, this rum will lift even the most sorrowful soul. Hoti is the character depicted on every bottle, with his cheerful smile, bald head and portly betty, depicts the very essence of this rum as a drink of enlightenment. Hoti is considered not only to be the god of contentment and happiness but also connects rum with its origins in Asia, where the distillation of sugar it thought to have its roots. 'Buy a stranger a good drink and they will be a stranger no longer.' – Hoti.

A distinctive aroma from this reddish amber colored rum permeates a room. Unique smells of vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, and light orange citrus. A tasting friend once mentioned they were able to identify this rum from several feet away just based on it's fragrance. Pyrat XO Rum is very distinguishable with a bouquet of wonderful and unique flavors. This complex rum envelopes your tongue and whole mouth with the essence of citrus, cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla. A slight bit of warmth up font and a smooth finish leaves you with a smile on your face and you looking forward to your next sip.

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