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Maraschino Originale Luxardo

Maraschino Originale Luxardo




Cherry with traces of chocolate & vanilla.
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Fruit Liqueurs
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Napoleon Bonaparte who specially enjoyed it after dinner or supper. The French kings, Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe as well as the Czar of Russia Nicholas I admired Maraschino too. The British king George IV sent to Zadar the military fleet for taking a hundred of Maraschino cases for the Royal court at London and for the governors of Malta and Corfu. In 1871 on the request of the English queen Victoria, Maraschino was loaded on the English ships at Zadar port. In 1887, namely on September 26th, on his way through Zadar, the Prince of Wales who later become the king George V, personally visited Zadar liqueur factory and on that occasion ordered a considerable quantity of the famous Zadar speciality. In 1821 Girolamo Luxardo, consul of the Kingdom of Sardinia in Zara (Zadar), opened a distillery there. After 8 years he obtained an exclusive privilege" from the Emperor of Austria as an acknowledgment of the superior quality of his Maraschino. It became soon the largest and most famous distillery in Zara."

The Maraschino's distinctive flavor comes from the Marasca cherries, and the crushed cherry pits lend an almond-like flavor to Maraschino. Honey is also part of the ancient recipe.

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