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Goldschlager, Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps

Goldschlager, Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps




Hot cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes.
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Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof; originally it was 53.5% alcohol or 107 proof), a liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold leaf floating in it. The actual amount of gold is extremely small and could be considered negligible: there is currently less than a tenth of a gram (0.1 g) of gold flakes in a 750 mL bottle of Goldschläger, which, as of February 6, 2012, amounts to about $6.20 USD on the international gold market. Despite being first produced in Switzerland during the 1990s, Goldschläger is a product of Italy and the brand is owned by Diageo. The German word Goldschläger designates the profession of gold leaf makers, who beat bars of gold into micrometre-thin sheets. A few years after its introduction, Goldschläger was reformulated to contain less gold due to some alleged accounts of individuals suffering allergic reactions.

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Cocktail match:
Cocktail recipe:

Suggested serve: Golden Espresso

Ingredients: 25ml Vodka

37.5ml Espresso

12.5ml Goldschläger

Method: Pour all ingredients over ice into a Boston shaker. Shake and fine strain into a chilled martini glass.