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Glen Keith, Connoisseurs Choice

Glen Keith, Connoisseurs Choice




Fruity with delecate toffee and sweet sherried notes.
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Single Malt Whisky
Scotch Whisky
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Gordon & MacPhail
Other Info:
The Glen Keith Distillery Behind Glen Keith's traditional facade, innovative technology was introduced to the traditional arts of whisky-making. Scotland's first gas-fired still was commissioned at the distillery in 1970, and it was the first in Scotland to introduce computerisation to the distilling processes when microprocessors were installed in the mash house in 1980. The system was subsequently extended to provide improved quality and production controls in the mill and eventually even the still room. Glen Keith tested and introduced many other innovative processes designed to complement and refine the traditional arts and skills involved in the making of malt whisky. The distillery now owned by Pernod Ricard who purchased Chivas Brothers Limited in 2001. However, it has been silent since March 1999, but site is still used as a filling store and technical centre. The Glen Keith Distillery does not have a visitor centre nor does it offer any tours at this time.

Gordon and MacPhail was founded in 1895, as a Family Grocers, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant. The founding fathers, James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail who's approach was to personally select their stocks for their quality. The company started buying up casks of single malt whisky from local distilleries. They were one of the first companies to specialise in single malt whiskies long before individual distilleries started to do so. The used to bottle unde licence from famous distilleirs such as Macallan, Glenlivet, Glen Greant, Linkwood and Mortlach. Eventually they stated to fill their own casks, mostly ex sherry casks and age them for much longer than was the norm.
In the mid 1960's, they released what would become an icon in the world of single malts, namely their Connoisseurs Choice range. These were a range of single malts from different distilleries ladled under Gordon & MacPhail's own Connoisseurs Choice label. These were focused at the Italian, French, American and Dutch markets and ignited the interest in single malt whisky which is still present in these countries today in single malt whiskies.
Gordon & Macphail became a limited company in the late 1970's but is still family owned and managed to this day.

Sweet and fruity - figs. With delicate toffee elements and a sweet Sherry influence. Initially chilli pepper, hot and mouth warming. Sweetness and nutty elements - brazil nuts.

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