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Foxdenton Raspberry Gin

Foxdenton Raspberry Gin




Made from organically grown Raspberries
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Since 2001, when the Foxdenton company was passed to Nick Radclyffe, they have tried to develop the business in ways that coincide with the family and the estate’s history. Having been associated with hunting and shooting since the early 1800′s, they had been making fruit liqueurs at home (like many others keen on field sports). From this base, it was then logical that the next step (all-be-it ambitious) was to take this passion onto a larger scale and create a gin as well as other gin liqueurs for commercial purposes. To do so, Nick Radclyffe and his partner John Simpson spent 6 months distilling ideas with the help of Master distiller Charles Maxwell (from Thames distillery, Clapham, where the gin is made). Their quest to create a traditional London Dry Gin both in flavour as well as in production methods came to fruition in July 2009, when the first bottle of Foxdenton 48 London Dry Gin was created. If the bottle looks familiar it’s because it’s the exact same used for Hayman’s 1850 Reserve, but don’t be fooled – that is where the similarity ends. Using organic Juniper, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Coriander seeds, Lemon Peel, Lime Flower, Foxdenton 48 Gin lives up its label’s quote – “Strength and Flavour Combined”. On the nose, big notes of juniper and an indication of the alcoholic strength of the gin (48% ABV) come to the fore. The liquid itself has pronounced flavours of juniper too, and certainly delivers strength by the bucket. That’s not to say that it’s a one trick pony however, the citrus integrates with the flavours nicely and the lime flower gives the gin a very clean finish. The coriander and angelica are distinct as they provide a depth to the gin, all of which combine to create a good, well rounded and generous gin experience.

Produced by a small family firm that specialises in the small scale production of English fruit liqueurs with interest in fruits such as plum, raspberry, blackcurrant and traditional wild fruits like sloe and damson. They use gin as the base for their drinks.

The aim is to make a good local English drink based on traditional recipes for a growing group of discerning drinkers for whom strength and flavour are important.

Probably the sweetest drink we produce this sweetness is really a product of the natural fruit rather than sugar. (We use less sugar than in the Plum or Damson!) This is a fabulous colour and you will love trying this as a summer drink on the rocks.

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