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Chartreuse Green V.E.P. 100cl

Chartreuse Green V.E.P. 100cl




Extra long aged Chartreuse for more complexity and depth
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Herb Liqueurs
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Chartreuse is a unique spirit. Not only is it the only green coloured spirit in the world made from completely natural ingredients but at 55% ABV it is also one of the strongest and has an unusual and fascinating history. In the 17th Century when alchemists were engaged in the search for an Élixir of life, Marshall d'Éstrées, a friend of Henry IV of France, gave such a recipe to the Carthusian monks. The manuscript containing the recipe was handwritten and signed by d'Éstrées so it is assumed that he was the original creator of Élixir, a fact seemingly supported by the fact that he lived to the ripe old age of 97. The manuscript then lay in a monastery in Paris for 132 years before it was taken to the Monastery of La Grande Chartreuse. Here the monks completed the task of combining 130 different herbs from around the world with health giving and aromatic properties to create the Herbal Élixir of La Grande Chartreuse. In 1869 the trademark was officially registered and the signature of L Garnier, the monk responsible, still appears on the label today. In the early 20th Century, Chartreuse attracted the attention of the French Government as its popularity and the profits which it generated, grew, and in 1904 both the monastery and distillery were nationalised. The monks, however, refused to give up the distilling secrets and fled to Spain. Government employed workers tried to replicate the Chartreuse recipe and produced a counterfeit liqueur that failed and the enterprise collapsed in 1929. When the monks returned to France and La Grande Chartreuse they resumed production at a distillery in the nearby town of Voiron where Chartreuse is still made today.

The literal translation of VEP (Vieillissement Exceptionnel Prolongé) is 'exceptionally long ageing', and it is this process that makes Green VEP different to its benchmark counterpart. The extra ageing in oak casks produces a mature liqueur, with more pronounced, but softer fruit flavours, the result of which is a fuller, rounder finish. 54% ABV.

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