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Call my Wine Bluff! - Table of Four

Call my Wine Bluff! - Table of Four




A chance to drink (not just taste) six delicious wines, with an element of competition - and lots of fun!
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Call My Wine Bluff is a team game of six rounds, with tables of four competing against each other.

The panel will be led by our owner and chairman Ted Sandbach who will be joined by two others. These may be drawn from our pool of expert staff, or friends of the company who fancy making a fool of themselves.

Wines are poured from covered bottles so there is no opportunity of seeing the label. The panel of three each give an amusing, informative and highly convincing description of the wine. Two of the panel are unashamedly lying through their teeth whilst the other is telling the truth. The table teams have to decide which of the panel is innocent of such deception. Points are awarded for guessing the correct wine and bonus points can be picked up for guessing the retail price.

As the rounds progress the teams - by this time enjoying the effect of the wine - are no longer basing their decisions on cold logic or sound knowledge. Instead they are beginning to realise how difficult it can be to identify the right wine.

At the end of the game, after the scores have been totted up, one team is declared the winner, and rewarded with a bottle of something delicious and fizzy!
Each wine has been paired with a different canape, highlighting the amazing potential Chablis has for pairing with food.

We hope you'll find some delicious new favourites.

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