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British Polo Gin No.3 Botanical

British Polo Gin No.3 Botanical




100% Organic, quadruple distilled and super smooth
Alcohol %:
London Dry
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Other Info:
The mid 1800s, saw increasing tensions in far flung parts of the British Empire,
which led to a huge influx of British soldiers into India in 1857. This in turn,
created a large demand for quinine which was used to treat British troops suffering from malaria.
As quinine in its raw form had a very bitter taste, it was supplied in Indian tonic water,
to soften the quinine. It was around this time that British Army Officers began to mix their
gin ration with the daily dose of tonic water to distinguish themselves from the men...
and in doing so, the original gin and tonic was born.

Two years later in 1859, British Army Officers started playing polo in Silchar
with Colonel Sherer founding the first British sponsored polo club in Silchar in the same year.
Winston Churchill would go on to recall of his Bangalore days in the 4th Hussars that,
"the hour of Polo was the hour for which we lived all day long" adding that
"a polo handicap is your passport to the world."

Therefore, we strongly suggest that Britain, Polo and Gin are all inextricably linked and hence our creation,
British Polo Gin, the polo players' choice.

From experience, we felt that there was a gap in the market for a premium gin that was easy to drink. The gin had to be smooth enough to be drunk on the rocks, but still retaining the classic gin flavour which is crucial to allow it to cut through tonic. It was important for us to do this because this allows the gin to be very versatile to both the end consumer and also to bars.

To achieve these goals we have used the below techniques which prove to be real talking points with consumers:

Organic Botanicals - As we all know, organic credentials in what we eat and drink, are increasingly important to all of us. To this end, by using 100% organic botanicals in our gin, you lose the 'chemically' taste that you can often find in mass produced gins.
Quadruple Distilled - This means that the gin is very smooth and does not have the sharp alcoholic 'smack' that many gins on the market have.

Mixed with natural spring water - The gin comes out of the still at 98% proof and therefore has to be watered down to 42.7% abv. Most distilleries will use distilled water, (derived from tap water), which in our opinion, completely dilutes the flavour of the spirit.
By using spring water, drawn from the distillery itself, we are actually building a unique flavour, rather than diluting it.

Small Batch - Only 150 bottles of gin are made from each still.
This is very important to us as it allows for a high degree of quality control in the distilling process. As soon as the distillate becomes pure, we can begin bottling. This avoids the problem faced by many large distilleries that large quantities of impure gin can be bottled
by accident.

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