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Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka 3L

Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka 3L




The original wormwood vodka, revives the magic of a 500 year old Czech witches brew.
Alcohol %:
Czech Republic
Bottle Size:
300 cl
Wine Code:
Other Info:
Babicka vodka is distilled in the unspoilt landscape of the eastern region of the Czech Republic, Prostejov. From the wormwood fields to the pure crystal waters of the low mountain ranges, the deep 10,000 year old springs to the fertile low lands of Moravian corn, Babicka is created using only natural ingredients to ensure the subtle sweetness, smooth texture and floral bouquet unique to Babicka vodka. Grown in the fertile low lands just outside of Prostejov, Moravian corn is the only grain used in the creation of Babicka vodka. It is harvested when young to ensure the subtle sweetness of Babicka vodka. In the eastern fields of the Czech Republic, Babicka's signature wormwood is collected using a traditional method of hand-picking the plant in full bloom before hanging it upside down to dry naturally. Once dried, thujone, a property of wormwood, is extracted from the plant and used to infuse the vodka to create the original wormwood. Our Master Distiller plays an integral role in the creation of Babicka vodka and is from the historic region of Moravia in the east of the Czech Republic. Coming from a long line of Moravian spirit distillers dating back to 1518, our Master Distiller and his predecessors spent years perfecting the centuries-old wormwood recipes of the Czechoslovakian babickas, overseeing every step of the 6 step distillation process to ensure the quality and taste of today's original wormwood vodka, Babicka. Once harvested, the Moravian corn is fermented to create the vodka, before being triple distilled. Separately, the signature wormwood is macerated along with other key herbs and spices, including fennel and anise, to make a herb distillate. The wormwood extract, thujone, is then added before the distillate is twice distilled. The vodka is then combined with the herb distillate before being distilled one last time, the sixth step in our distillation process before finally being coal filtered to ensure the renowned smooth texture of Babicka vodka. Our vodka is then left to rest for around 2 months where the flavours and aromas of the herbs and spices become more pronounced to create our final liquid, Babicka.

Babika (ba-bitch-ka) vodka was inspired by 16th century Czechoslovakian wise old women called 'babickas'. The babickas freely used wormwood in their potions for its reputation of enchancing sensuality, creativity and love, not to mention its mildly hallucinatory effects. The babickas rapidly became renowned for having mystical healing powers and practicing the art of witchcraft. These recipes created by babikas represent some of the earliest vodka formulas ever created, a witches' brew.

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Cocktail match:
Cocktail recipe:

The Babička Martini

The classic cocktail, twisted.

Ingredients include:

75 ml Babička vodka

Wash of vermouth

Wash glass with vermouth and discard, stir vodka straight into chilled martini glass.

Garnish with a twist or an olive.