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8th February - The Big Gin Tasting

8th February - The Big Gin Tasting




The Oxford Wine Company Botley Road, Presented by Thomas Fowler and Matthew Whitaker
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"Vodka for grownups." That's how some people see gin, the distinctive smell of juniper setting it apart from its clear, odourless neighbour at the bar. And it's an opinion that's gaining quite a following; gin is now the drink du jour for practically everyone it seems. Finally it's getting the respect it deserves - a far cry from the days of 'mother's ruin' and even further back in time when it had a very bad name indeed.

Rich and diverse, today's gin is usually made from grain with complicated botanical flavours overlaying predominant juniper notes. Each distillery has its own secret recipe to bring out fruit or spice elements and because of this most bartenders love to use it.

Gin's revival has led to an explosion of micro distilleries in the past few years, including Oxford's very own gin, the famous TOAD with its characterful marketeer extraordinaire, Tom Nicholson. This gin alone is set to go to the very top, and is already becoming the go-to gin for any Oxford bar.

In this back-by-popular-request tasting, Matt & Thomas will lead us through an array of flavourful gins that will make your mouth water even thinking about them - let alone tasting them! Book early to avoid disappointment!

15% discount on the night

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