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2005 Chez Richon, Hermitage Grande Champagne

2005 Chez Richon, Hermitage Grande Champagne




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Hermitage Cognacs
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Hermitage cognacs area collection of very special cognacs and brandies that have been collected from the cellars of small producers and in some cases, firms who no longer distil cognacs but have small reserves of special cognacs of a vintage nature. All the cognacs in the range are either vintage or with specific ages where they have been kept in their barrels until they have been deemed suitable to sell to discerning clients. There will never be large quantities of these cognacs, in some cases maybe only a few dozen bottles remain but in most vintages hundreds or even a few thousand may be available. All of them have been carefully selected to provide variation and interest for really true connoisseurs of the drink of Kings. All of them offer truly great quality and value. Price is neither age nor quality related but usually closer to cellar availability and that whichwe consider fair to pay for these very special brandies. Our search for these brandies is the result of many years of working closely with the specialist firms. In some cases they are the remaining stocks of past producers, in others they represent the modern skills of making single estate cognacs. We continue to find these gems of a golden age and believe that our customers will appreciate the wide range of styles and flavours that we have been able to supply.

Making cognacs suitable for drinking young is exceptionally difficult without the use of caramel and sugar syrup. The 2005 has succeeded where others have failed. Its style is consistent with others from Chez Richon with some mocha and toffee flavours, a delight for such youthfulness

Cognac Masters 2015 -Gold Award Single Vintage Cognac

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