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Fine Wine By Candlelight: New World Wonders Thursday 05/05/14

Hosted by Lee Isaacs

The Oxford Wine Company, 165 Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0PB.

This incredibly popular event sold out faster than a Monty Python reunion! I decided to show a variety of higher end wines from around the new world. This included the popular Cloudy Bay Te Koko, an oaked Sauvignon Blanc and the delicious and complex Bodega Raffy Grande Reserve Malbec from Argentina. The final wine was served blind. Everyone around the table was told the wine was from the new world and had a price tag of £145. It was well liked but nobody thought it was worth the money. Tasters were then asked to guess the country of origin, all as a bit of fun (I don't like any form of pressure at my tastings). Guesses ranged from Australia and America to South Africa. One taster had a guess at Chile and was spot on! The Vinedo Chadwick Cabernet 2002 was a real treat for us all but it was generally thought that the Cain Concept at £100 less was actually much better! 

Lee Isaacs - Branch Manager.