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The Judgement Of Botley - Thursday 17/04/14

Hosted by Lee Isaacs

The Oxford Wine Company, 165 Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0PB.

The Judgement of Paris is a very famous tasting where the U.S.A. beat France in a blind tasting of their top wines. The tasting has been rerun countless times over the years and I wanted to get in on the act. A sell out evening, we pitched 3 French wines against 3 similar wines from the States. Each pair was shown blind and the crowd had to select a favourite. Historically the U.S.A. always wins. I managed to overturn nearly 40 years of wine history by having not just the French win overall, but beating their American counterparts in every round! The favourite wine of the evening was the lovely Chateau Mille Roses 2005 from Bordeaux. Cedary and earthy but still with plenty of fruit and a good price for a slice of one of the best vintages the Bordelais have ever seen! 

Lee Isaacs - Branch Manager.