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Job Title: Customer Service Manager

Role: Co-ordinating Wholesale Trade deliveries, supporting the field sales team, acting as office receptionist and being the Complaints Dept.

Interests: Booze, Jazz music , sunshine and the great outdoors in summer, cosy suppers in winter.

Likes: My lovely wife and daughters, our Labrador Charlie. All customers. Always. (Honest!)

Dislikes: Grumpy people, Banks, Insurance companies and anywhere that doesn't care about customer service.

If you could be served any food/dish what would it be? Grilled Chiperones (Spanish baby squid) with Chorizo

If you were a wine which one would it be? A big Southern Rhone.

What do you like about working with The Oxford Wine Company? The interesting people, the wines and the emphasis on fun.

What is your most diverse achievement? Demonstrating how to make cocktails on the Terry Wogan TV Programme (when I was a lot younger)

Which are your most favoured wines? Southern European reds. Dry Rieslings. Anything interesting and made with loving care.