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The Free Thursday Tasting: Italy vs. Chile Thursday 11/09/14

Hosted by Lee Isaacs & Aljoscha Wright

The Oxford Wine Company, 165 Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0PB.

At the end of our last taste off I was given Italy whilst Aljoscha ended up with Chile. We were both very excited about this tasting as these are two countries we like very much. I love the wines of Italy and so was feeling confident.

I chose a Falanghina which showed luscious texture and plenty of honeyed apricot notes whilst Aljoscha's In Situ Chardonnay displayed some clean oak and understated fruit. I came out on top in this pairing. Then the reds; I showed the delicious and fresh Suri Barbera d'Asti, one of my favourites. As good as it was it was no match for the simply stunning Bosque Carmenere, which is easily the best wine in our Chilean selection. Everyone loved its dark brambly fruit and intense smokiness. So once again, a draw overall! 

Lee Isaacs - Branch Manager.