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Take a minute to learn a few facts about this fine spirit.


Gin originates in Holland back in 1550 when professor of medicine Franciscus de la Boe was trying to concoct a cure for stomach complaints using the diuretic properties of juniper berries and stumbled on this wonderful infusion which he named Genever. It soon became popular as an approachable alcoholic drink. The migration back to the UK with this new style liquor came from troops returning from the 30 years war who were given rations of gin to keep out the cold before

battle. The love affair had started, and the product termed Dutch courage was enthusiastically brought back for consumption at home.

The name gin is an anglicised version of the Dutch Genever but the modern day product is very different. Dutch gin is thick rich and very full whereas London Dry gin is fresh dry and light.

Made from...

Gin can be made from any spirit alcohol of at least 96%

volume. This spirit is from a base of either grain or molasses and has no flavour.The flavouring for Gin comes from Botanicals; these vary from producer to producer and are regarded as very much of a trade secret. All gins include Juniper and other botanicals include coriander, lemon peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, angelica and cardamom to name but a few! Typically fine gin contains between six and ten botanicals.

Did you know?...

Gin & Lime was a favourite with the navy as a

palatable combination for ingesting lime juice as a scurvy countermeasure.

The Gin & Tonic originally was put together as an anti malaria concoction in colonial India. Quinine was added to carbonated water to give Indian Tonic and mixed with Gin to make it more appealing.

The Oxford Wine Company stocks over 20 different and interesting gins showing the full spectrum achievable from our humble 'mothers ruin'.

The perfect Easter Cocktail!

Bunny Hug

1 measure dry gin, 1 measure Pernod, 3 measures whisky
Shake and strain

So next time you pour yourself a thirst quenching G&T savour a little of the wonder that has made gin what it is today.

John Chapman