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Top Ten Beer and Food Pairings

1. Stout and Oysters

The next time you've got some oysters in, forget the Champagne or the Chablis and go with a classic 19th century pairing of Stout. In fact, the Oyster festival of Galway has been sponsored by Guinness for the last six decades. There's something about the briny taste of the sea in the oysters that complements the smooth, rich bitterness of the beer.

2. Porter and Chocolate

Play on the notes of caramel and molasses in the beer and pair your next porter with a rich dark chocolate brownie. Think about how well the bitterness of coffee works with chocolate, and apply the same principles to a dark, bitter beer.

3. Wheat Beer and Moules Marinieres

The citrus notes in a wheat beer work beautifully with shellfish, and the creamy texture of the beer will complement the traditional cream sauce in this dish. You could even replace the white wine traditionally used in steaming the mussels with beer!

4. IPA with Curry

Indian Pale Ale was created to quench the thirst for beer in the colonies, and so it's no real surprise that it works well with Indian food. Keep the curry aromatic and not too spicy; choose a lighter style of IPA, and you'll be on to a winner.

5. Dark Ale and Steak Pie

Braise your steak in the beer you'll be drinking before it goes into the pie, and this pairing will be all the better. Perfect cold-weather comfort food.

6. American IPA and Strong Aged Cheddar

A transatlantic pairing that works brilliantly well. The strong hoppiness of these beers cuts through the fat in the cheese, and the spiky sharpness of the beer complements the pungent tanginess of well aged cheddar.

7. Classic British Bitter and a traditional Ploughmans

A British pub classic! Traditional ale works wonderfully with cheese, meat pies and cooked meats - all components of the classic Ploughman's lunch.

8. Lager with Fish and Chips 

Another dish where the beer works just as well as an ingredient as an accompaniment! A dash of beer in the batter mix for your fish and chips works wonders for a crisp, light texture. In the glass, the freshness and fizz of the lager is a perfect combination with fried food.

9. Pilsner with spicy Thai Curries

Pick up on the citrussy aromatics of a good pilsner with a fragrant Thai curry. The cool beer will provide a perfect refreshing balance to the heat of the chilli in the dish.

10. Blonde beer and young Brie

Forget cheese and wine matching, cheese and beer matching is where the real action is these days! Try combining the smooth nutty notes of a young chalky brie with the light acidity and creamy texture of a Blonde beer for a match made in heaven. A wedge of good crusty bread on the side is essential!

Date: 26/05/2017 | Author: Emily Silva