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The life of an MW student - Two

In my previous entry to this series (quite some time ago now!), I described what exactly the MW course entailed, and also let you know that I'd decided to do it. But between deciding to do the course and getting started, there are a few things you need to accomplish.

No mean feat for me was actually getting the confidence to submit the application. I forced myself to remember the words of all those who had encouraged me. I visited my parents for a pep talk. During my confident moments, which grew more and more frequent, I began to believe that I could do it! With the application form on the computer screen, I began.

The application process itself gets you thinking about what you're letting yourself in for. You write a variety of statements, detailing how you see yourself contributing to the IMW's mission of promoting excellence, interaction and learning in the global wine community. You need to let them know how you plan to access enough wines to prepare your palate for the tasting exam, and how you intend to make sure you have the study time to amass the considerable amount of knowledge required of an MW student.

Thinking back on this now, I thought I knew how I'd manage all of these things. I clearly did a good enough job of convincing the IMW that I knew. But this whole process has been a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. More on that in later instalments.

In my statements I spoke earnestly of my educational background, my diligence when it came to reading, researching and essay-writing. Conveniently forgetting, I now realise, that in my University days I did not have a full-time job to juggle with my studies.

I was impassioned and earnest - almost embarrassingly so. I love wine! I love learning! I want to help others feel the same way! My position in a quality-focused independent wine merchant, particularly in a town like Oxford which is full to the brim of excited young people who want to learn about wine, means I'm perfectly positioned to do this! Yes!

Despite this almost manic sense of fervent determination, I had to screw my face up and shut my eyes before clicking the 'submit' button. It felt like stepping off a cliff - that's it, it was done. I could relax and forget, for the time being, the looming entrance exams.

Date: 23/06/2020 | Author: Emily Silva