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Growing up in rural France, Monsieur Artaud used his considerable bear taming skills to travel the world and save up for his retirement. Upon returning to France in 1912 he found what is now the Tariquet property and wished to settle there. He didn't have enough money and so approached his son, Jean-Pierre, a successful 'mixologist' in New York. Together they bought the estate and started to replant and rebuild. In 1914 Jean-Pierre headed to France to join the war effort but was seriously wounded. After a spell back in New York, he and his wife returned to France permanently. Eventually they had a daughter, Hélene. In the early 1940's Helélene met Pierre Grassa, an escapee from a German POW camp and they fell in love. he two of them married and rejuvinated the Tariquet estate. They had four children, two of which, Maité and Yves joined the family company and launched their first Bas-Armagnacs in 1972. Ten years later they started producing white table wines, a pioneering step for this region. Today, Yves' sons Armin and Rémy run the estate. A magnificent tale...

Tariquet are based in the Bas-Armagnac region of South West France.

A unique and pioneering family in this area, these wines are an excellent example of what can be achieved in a region much mroe noted for it's brandy production.

The Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc and Classic are standout wines in their range.

International Spirits Challenge 'Individual Distillery of the Year 2014'