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Pol Roger


Pol Roger started producing and selling wine in 1849 and was based in Ay. In 1851 he moved to Epernay and started to focus on producing high quality Brut Champagne. By the time Pol Roger passed away in 1899 the brand was already well established and recognised for its quality.Between 1900 and 1918 Pol's sons, Maurice and Georges took over production and despite setback such as a cellar collapse they gained various European royals as customers. The very best French restaurants were also serving this as their top Champagne. Things were obviously difficult during the war years with the Wehrmacht controlling production and supply of all Champagne. However, it was during these years that Pol Roger gained their most celebrated customer, Winston Churchill. After the war sales began to flow again and the firm has gone from strength to strength. Their top Champagne, 'Cuvée Winston Churchill' was first served in 1975 and to this day is considered one of the very finest Champagnes.

Based in Epernay, Pol Roger has vineyards in all of the very best regions of Champagne. It is one of the smaller Grande Marques, producing only about 1.5 million bottles per year and has some of the deepest and coolest cellars in Champagne, running for over 7 km beneath the town of Epernay. This depth and low temperature contributes to the finesse of the wine which in turn leads to a smooth and rounded mouth feel.

One of the few to still be in the hands of the original family, Pol Roger are renowned for making some of the classiest and most elegant Champagnes. The stories of their wines being enjoyed by Winston Churchill are legendary!

The Brut Reserve is one of the very best Non-Vintage Champagnes available to buy and their Cuvée Winston Churchill is a great example of how complex and subtle aged Champagne can be.