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On the 8th April 1844 Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold arrived in Australia with his family. He paid £1200 for 500 acres of land in Magill. Originally from Northumberland he had obtained some vine cuttings from France and it was these he planted in his newly purchased vineyards. In 1870 Dr Rawson Penfold passed away and his wife Mary assumed control of the business.By 1920 Penfolds accounted for half of all Australian wine sales.In 1951 Max Schubert experimented with producing a long-living red wine, inspired by the great wines of France, 'Grange' was born. Today, Penfolds are one of the biggest and most respected names in Australian wine.

Penfolds vineyards are mainly located on the prime sites throughout South Australia. The key viticultural regions are Adelaide, the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Clare Valley, Limestone Coast and McLaren Vale. They also have sites in Tumbarumba (NWS), Henty (Victoria) and Tasmania. In total, Penfolds source fruit from more than 220 vineyards and grape growers.

Penfolds could be considered to be the most important name in Australian wine production. Their range is extensive and they produce high quality wines from entry level to beyond prestige. Their 'Grange' has been lauded by many as the greatest wine in the Southern hemisphere.

Grange is a must for any serious wine lover. A true icon.