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McHenry Hohnen


Founded in 2004 by two wine enthusiasts, McHenry Hohnen set out to show the world what Australia had to offer the world when it came to Biodynamic and Organic winemaking.

Before working together Murray McHenry and David Hohnen were prominent names in Margaret River: Murray was a fine wine retailer while David was known as a winemaking pioneer. The two decided to invest in particular sites and vineyards that they felt had the potential to shine through the means of Biodynamic viticulture. Focusing their efforts on site expressive wines the pair employ a very minimalist intervention when it comes to making the wines so as to allow the true Terroir and flavour of the fruit to shine through. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar the duo are constantly looking for ways to develop their methods, always evolving with time.

McHenry Hohnen are passionate about the sustainability of their vineyard management - by looking after the land, the land in turn looks after the crop. All of the vineyards are tended to 100% biodynamically with the ecosystem, astrological influences and lunar cycle all playing a major role. In order to promote healthy plants and pest resistance there are a few methods used such as deeper top soil, increased root mass and depth and an increase in carbon capture and water holding capacity. You can even find natural composts and manure tea being made onsite. Between each row of vines are crops of legumes and different grasses growing and to help keep the pests at bay there are sheep, birds and bees.

Being situated in Margaret River the vineyards take full advantage of the diurnal range, allowing them to ripen to a good potential while maintaining the all-important acidity.

Here at the Oxford Wine Company we love the 'Rocky Road' white blend of Semillon and Sauvignon blanc for its concentration of tropical fruits that is kept in check with a refreshing lemon peel acidity, holding a great texture reminding you beeswax from the Semillon. The 'Tiger Country' red blend is an eclectic mix of Graciano, Petit Verdot and Tempranillo, showing off plenty of dark fruit flavours followed by liquorice and clove spice.