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Chateau Dereszla


The first written mention of Chateau Dereszla is in the 15th century, it was included in the list of Hungarian King Zsigmond's belongings. From then onwards it passed through the hands of numerous royals and was incredibly popular with the elite. It was owned by a succession of wealthy families, moving through marriage and war. Eventually it fell into state ownership. In the post Communist 1990's it became the property of CANA, the largest French agricultural co-operative society. In 2000 it was bought by the D'Aulan family from Champagne and returned to it's former glory.

The Estate owns 27 hectares spread across the designated "Grand Cru" areas in the heart of the Tokaji region. The large diversity of soils throughout these vineyard holdings is a crucial factor in the complexity of their wines.

Dereszla has a long and checkered history but is today at the forefront of innovation and experimentation in this most classic of regions.

The Dry Furmint is a must-try.