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Bepi Tosolini

Bepi Tosolini Distillers was started shortly after the 2nd World War. A man by the name of Bepi Tosilini, a local of Friuli in North, West Italy, sought to take traditional Grappa to a new level. At the time Grappa was more of a peasant grog. He became the first to use ash wood barrels rather than traditional oak barrels which resulted in yellow liquid. He aimed to achieve a crisp clear spirit with all the flavour and aromas of the distillate but at the same time having the soft rounded texture which comes from barrel aging.

The success of Bepi Tosolini throught the world as a super premium spirit is due to traditional methods passed down from generation to generation along with all of the family's distilling secrets. It is still a fully family run business with every generation fully involved in its success. Their commitment to tradition of Friulan distilling combined with their ambition to increase quality has seen this family win numerous awards for their superior spirit range.

The range includes: Aquvitae MOST, I Legni range, a Grappa range made form various grape varieties, Amaro, as well as a Decanter range.

Double Gold Medal at the prestigious WSWA - 70th Annual Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America that took place in Orlando, Florida, with the participation of major spirit and alcoholic beverage producers from across the globe. Silver Medal won in 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where over 1400 spirits have been judged.