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Georgian Wines with Sarah Abbott MW

The team tasted six Georgian wines under the guidance of Sarah Abbott MW. Tim Bradley reports.

Date: 5th October 2021 | Author: Tim Bradley

Behind the Label with BVV

Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre (or BVV, for short) was co-founded by a group of small growers in the 1980s, in order to pool marketing resources and allow the growers to do what they do best: nurture vines to produce quality wines.

Date: 29th September 2021 | Author: Becka Leigh

Behind the Label with Domaine Borgeot and Emma Sarjeant of Anthony Sarjeant Wines

The key takeaway from this tasting was that, despite the challenges of the 2021 vintage which was beleaguered by frost and poor weather, Pascal and Laurent Borgeot continue to approach their wines with the perfect balance of calm consideration and joyful exuberance, which defines their wines.

Date: 17th September 2021 | Author: Becka Leigh

The Life of an MW Student - Eleven

We knew that our exam results were due on the 5th October. Leading up to the day, I became increasingly agitated, the quiet hum of anxiety in my mind growing louder and louder. I was not expecting good news, as along with the anxiety, a feeling of pessimism had also descended on me. Could I cope with another year at Stage One of the programme? More importantly, if all the 4:30 alarms, pages and pages of notes, flashcards and timed essays weren't enough to get me through, then what exactly would be enough?

Date: 14th September 2021 | Author: Emily Silva

OWC Days Out: Danbury Ridge

Becka jumps at the chance to visit premium English wine producer, Danbury Ridge, on a recent trip to Essex.

Date: 2nd September 2021 | Author: Becka Leigh

Spirit of the month: Mezcal Amarás Verde

Our spirits specialist, Tom, talks us through our spirit of the month, Mezcal Amarás Verde

Date: 13th August 2021 | Author: Tom Brady

The Life of an MW Student - Ten

The lead up to the Master of Wine Stage One Assessment was marked, for me at least, with a lot of stress. There seemed to be an endless amount of ground to cover, the questions for the theory part of the assessment being drawn from any of the last ten years' worth of exams. What's more, the presence of a compulsory question among the three we would be asked meant that we really felt we had to learn EVERYTHING. Of course, we (well, at least I) couldn't do that, and was relying on a certain amount of luck.

Date: 11th August 2021 | Author: Emily Silva

Behind the Label with Leonidas Hatzimichalis

This week, we were delighted to be joined in the Zoom room by Leonidas Hatzimichalis, second generation at Domaine Hatzimichalis in the Atalanti Valley, Greece.

Date: 11th August 2021 | Author: Becka Leigh

An Introduction to Greek Grapes

Retail manager, Katy, takes us through some of the top native Greek varieties.

Date: 5th August 2021 | Author: Katy Barker

Wine and the Ancient Greeks: Tragedy or Epic?

Wine advisor, Rebecca, takes a look at the history of the symposion and the Ancient Greeks' epic love of wine.

Date: 1st August 2021 | Author: Becka Leigh

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