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Tasting Wine

Tasting wine is a subjective business. In the wine trade we try hard to be as objective as possible, but ultimately that's an impossible task. We all have our own preferences for certain styles of wine so naturally we mark the wines we like higher than those we don't.

Date: 24th July 2017 | Author: Theo Sloot

Storing Wine

If you find your wine collection expanding to more than just the odd bottle or two, it may be time to start thinking carefully about how you’re storing it. Take a look at the tips below, and hopefully you can maximise the chances of your special bottles still being special when you decide to open them!

Date: 20th July 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

Top Ten Beer and Food Pairings

Ten combinations that prove food pairings shouldn't be for wine alone!

Date: 26th May 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

Organic Wine

Organics blog
Organic fruit and veg has been big business for a long time – but why has organic wine lagged behind? And is it worth it? It’s a muddy issue, but I’m here to get my hands dirty and delve in, so you don’t have to!

Date: 21st April 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

The Water of Life - A brief history of Irish Whiskey for St. Patrick's Day

Say what you like about the church - there is one thing we have to thank them for, and that is their contribution to the field of alcoholic beverages. Irish whiskey is just one of those, finding its roots in the Acqua Vitae or Water of life brought to Ireland by monks who had been travelling the continent. Acqua Vitae became ‘Uisce Beatha’ in the country’s native parlance, which in turn became the English word ‘Whiskey’.

Date: 13th March 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

Guide to Matching Cheese and Wine

Wine and cheese – they go together like Fish and Chips; like Lennon and McCartney; like Batman and Robin; like Gin and tonic… right? Well, not quite! The pursuit of a perfect pairing is more difficult than the prevalence of wine and cheese parties of the 1970s may have led us all to believe. But all is not lost - follow some of the guidelines outlined below for a match made in heaven. Or at least have fun sampling along the way!

Date: 20th February 2017 | Author: Emily Silva


Here are some of our suggestions for dishes and drinks pairings that will help to bring out your inner Casanova on Valentine's Day.

Date: 6th February 2017 | Author: Emily Silva