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Located in the heart of Northern Spain, Rioja is the country's most renowned wine region, producing top class red, white and rosé wines which are considered to be amoung the world's most food friendly wines.

These wines are created to be ready to drink, with a lower alcohol content and acidity so they  enhance the flavour of food and not overpower it. Whether it's a white, red or rosé you choose, Rioja wines will pair perfectly with any food you serve them with — be it Spanish, Mediterranean, fusion or international dishes.


The Rioja region is divided into three sub regions: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesta and Rioja Baja. Each zone has a unique climate and terrior which allows for the incredible diversity of wines. This diversity explains how wines made from the same grape or blend of grapes can be so unique and different from each other.

RIOJA ALTA, has the highest elevation of the region, the coolest climate and is typically known for producing wines that are lighter and aromatic.

RIOJA ALAVESTA, is at a medium to high elevation and produces wines that are typically full-bodied with medium alcohol content.

RIOJA BAJA,on the southern edge of the region and at a lower elevation and Alta and Alavesta has a warmer, drier climate and produces wines that are deep in colour and fruitier in taste.


Tempranillo is the classic red grape variety of Rioja, producing soft, supple wines with aromas of summer fruits which are well suited to aging, developing depth, character and elegance.

Mazuelo can be blended with Tempranillo to add colour, weight and tannins which help the wine to age gracefully.

Garancha adds warmth and spice to a number of different styles of Rioja. This can also be found in a single varietal, with old vines producing refined, highly prized wines.

Graciano brings extra fruit flavours and elegance to Rioja blends. Also found in single varietal wines in which it produces great character and finesse.


Viura produces clean, fresh, zesty and lightly herby young white wines.

Garnacha Blanca can be blended with Viura to add weight and body to aged wines.

Malvasia adds a musky, savoury character to the fresh crispness of Viura, producing wines of great individuality and style.

Small amounts of other local and international varieties are also found in Rioja - these include Maturana Blanca, Tempranillo Blanco, Turrentés (along with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo) for the whites and Maturana Tinta for the reds.


Anybody who has experienced the food and wine culture of Spain knows that where there's a glass of wine, a tasty snack is never far away. Take a look below for some of our ideas for food pairings for your next bottle of Rioja.

From fruity young reds to aged, complex Grand Reservas, there is a Rioja style for everyone! 

Serrano Bocadillo with Crianza Rioja

A Bocadillo with Jamon from Serrano (that's a ham sandwich to you and I!) is a mainstay of the tapas bar. Quick, simple, and absolutely delicious, these crusty baguettes filled with the salty umami of Serrano ham pair perfectly with the cherry fruit of Crianza Rioja.

Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets with Reserva Rioja

One of the classic traditional dishes of the Rioja region is Lamb Cutlets cooked on an open fire of burning grapevines. While it may not be advisable to attempt this in your own kitchen, chargrilled lamb chops will work very nicely with a Reserva or Gran Reserva Rioja.

Mussels with Unoaked White Rioja

While Rioja is justifiably famous for its world-class red wines, the region also produces fantastic white wine. Unoaked white Rioja is light, bright, and food-friendly; pairing beautifully with fish and seafood. Match your next bottle with a dish of Mussels in a citrus and herb filled white wine sauce.