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The Wine and Spirit Education Trust Intermediate Course

Tutored by Marcia Waters, Master of Wine


Ever felt baffled by a wine list?  Bamboozled by a shelf?  Or can’t quite remember what you really liked last time you bought some wine? Well, help is at hand! 

The course below is designed to give you the confidence to trust your taste buds, and be able to explore the incredibly varied world of wines with increasing enjoyment. 

6.30 - 8.30pm starting Tuesday 11th 2014 –The Gibbs Room, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG

Contact to register and for additional details.

£385 includes a full study pack, all wines and exam fee.

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust Intermediate Course comprises:

11th February Introduction: Tasting technique; food and wine matching; health and alcohol; wine faults

18th February:Factors influencing wine style; labelling terminology

25th February: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

4th March: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc

11th March: Syrah, Grenache and Riesling

18th March: Italy, Spain and Portugal

25th March: Sparkling and sweet wines

1st April: Fortified wines, spirits and liqueurs

8th April: Exam

 Your tasting skills will be used each week as you taste over 35 wines during the course and get a real understanding of the factors that influence these wines, and why the classic regions and countries have their own specific styles. 

This is an internationally recognised qualification presented in a thoroughly enjoyable and digestible way. 

You do not need to have attended any previous wine courses.

Do get in touch if you would like to know any more details.  You might also like to look up


About Marcia Waters Master of Wine

Marcia has over 25 years experience of buying and selling wines, over half of which were for FSTE 100 listed companies. 

This has given her a huge range of skills from blending wines in bulk for supermarkets, to buying investment wines for financial advisors.  Her passion has always been for the in-between wines and for seeking out new, unexpected and invariably great value for consumers.

Marcia became a Master of Wine in 1990, then one of only 165 across the world, and still one of only 300 today.  Training for that exam and subsequently continuing to taste and compare notes with colleagues gives her the ability to appreciate the finer subtleties of clean, well made wines.  She also embarked on a career long devotion to wine education as she fundamentally believes that every one can appreciate wine flavours, and when they trust theirown judgement, consumers’ attitudes to wine and drinking can be enhanced dramatically.

As a fervent supporter of the Wines and Spirit Education Trust, Marcia has delivered many courses and can thoroughly recommend them as a terrific grounding in wine knowledge.  Of course it isn’t necessary to take an exam at the end of the course, but it certainly helps focus your attention and it is tremendously satisfying to have that certificate!





Tutored by Lee Isaacs

The Introduction to Wine course is a fun, informative and relaxed way to increase your wine knowledge and tasting skills.

Run over 8 weeks the course covers wine manufacture, all the major regions and countries and most importantly, tasting! So, if you want to know your Cabernet from your Coonawarra or your Malbec from your Mendoza this is the course for you.

This non-W.S.E.T. course does not result in an official certification or qualification but is instead designed for the novice and those interested in cementing some existing wine knowledge.

This course also provides an ideal springboard into the W.S.E.T Intermediate course run by Marcia Waters MW.

The course is run every Monday night over 8 weeks*. Each lesson begins at 8pm and will last for 2 hours. *Lesson 7 will take place on Tuesday 22nd April due to Easter.

The Oxford Wine Company, 167 Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0PB. To register and for more information please contact me:

 The 8 week course is £160 including V.A.T.

          Over 40 wines to be tasted

          Wines between £4.99 and £40+

          Advice on food and wine matching

          How to spot wine faults

          How to store and serve wine

          Learn how to become a better and more confident taster.


What  you will learn:

A knowledge and understanding of how wine is produced.

A greater understanding of all the factors that affect the quality of a wine, and how to detect and speak about them.

A working and useable level of knowledge about the world’s most important wine producing countries and regions.

How best to match food and wine.

How to write accurate and concise tasting notes.

How to become a better and more confident taster.


All lessons will be conducted in friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Professional tasting glasses used for all tastings.

Full course notes and comprehensive tasting notes will be provided.

Don’t worry if you cannot attend a lesson, you will be provided with full notes, and the feedback of the other students the following week.

We aim to develop your palate, your knowledge, and our passion for wine.

Course Structure

MONDAY 10th March: The Vine, Wine Production and Ageing Techniques.
This covers the basic life cycle of the vine and how grapes are turned into wine. Covering several fermentation and ageing techniques, this lesson will give a better understanding of the fundamental factors that affect the quality, taste and price of a wine.

MONDAY 17th March: France and Her Great Wine Regions.
In this lesson we will cover the history and diversity of the most famous wine producing country. A guide to Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone, Loire and Alsace and why these regions are so famous.

MONDAY 24th March: The Best of Spain and Italy.
Here we will explore the most well known regions of these great countries and discover their unique varieties and styles. We will aim to get to the heart of these countries greatest wines.

MONDAY 31st March: Don’t Forget The Rest Of Europe.
With European wine being dominated by the big three of France, Italy and Spain it is easy to forget the other wonderful wine producing nations on the continent. Here we will delve into the more interesting and unusual producers in Europe.

MONDAY 7th April: Fizz, Bubbles and Sparkle.
Most of us love Champagne, but very few of us really understand it. We will cover not just the great Champagnes, but also the wonderful sparkling wines that are also available. Importantly, we will cover the different methods of producing a wine that ‘Tastes like stars.’

MONDAY 14th April: Australasia and America
Several years ago, Australia couldn’t put a foot wrong, but of late it has been struggling to compete with other New World countries. The same can be said of New Zealand. Here we will examine why these countries became so great and powerful, and also discover what regions are still important and exciting. We will also look at what makes the U.S.A. an exciting and innovative producer.

Tuesday 22nd April: South Africa and South America.
A lot to squeeze into one lesson: but what fun it will be. Here will learn about the history and creativity of The Capes greatest wines and the joys of Chile and Argentina.

Tuesday 28th April: Fortified.
We couldn’t run a wine school without introducing the great wines of Jerez and Porto. Port and Sherry can be some of the world’s most interesting and soul-consuming wines. We will finish the school by looking at these wines and how they are made.