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Perique, La Veritable Liqueur de Tabac

Périque, La Véritable Liqueur de Tabac




Notes of brine, old wood spices and old leather, rounded off with tobacco sweetness.
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Herb Liqueurs
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Perique Liqueur de Tabac is distilled from Louisiana Perique, the rarest and most precious tobacco in the world. Early French settlers learned the secrets of Perique cultivation from the native peoples, and while their descendents have continued the tradition for centuries, very little Perique exists today. The unique terroir of the Mississippi River gives Perique the intense spices and aromas that contribute to the delicate balance of this fine liqueur. Perique is entirely artisanal in its construction, and captures the nuances of this ancient tobacco. Perique is best enjoyed in the same manner as one would a fine liqueur or brandy. Due to the difficulty in procuring this rare tobacco, Perique liqueur is available only in limited quantity.

The color is a very light amber/gold, strikingly similar to an old cognac. The aroma is unique, but with touches of cognac, woody tones, Perique tobacco, spices, and briny sea air. The taste is sharp, but smooth, with a mild sweetness that balances the fire in the liqueur. The tangy fermented Perique tobacco comes through more so than in the aroma, as do the hints of spices. Then it has a woody finish combined with fine leather, as if you were sitting in an old leather armchair, in a cozy library where your favorite grandfather had smoked his pipe a few hours before.

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