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Beluga Allure Vodka

Beluga Allure Vodka




Superbly smooth super premium Vodka
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The brand was created in response to the successes of the Russia's Beluga Polo Team in various international competition and symbolizes the spirit of this aristocratic sport. This is reflected in the leather themed presentation and the attention to detail.

Beluga's Ultra-Premium Allure Vodka is produced from malted spirit and a mixture of softened water and pure Getreidemalz Siberian spring water. Even though the artesian spring water is naturally pure, it must undergo double filtration through quartz sand and a special silver filter. After the spirit and filtered artesian water are mixed, the water-spirit mixture is purified once more as it is filtered three times through a 10.5 meter birch charcoal column filter to complete the purification. At this point in the process, Beluga introduces small amounts of fig extract, and maple syrup. The addition of small quantities of special ingredients is consistent with what I know of traditional European production methods where each distilled vodka has its own recipe and its own special ingredients. It is these special ingredients used in very small proportions which contribute to the individual character of each Vodka. After the ingredients are added, but prior bottling, the Allure Vodka is rested 60 days. This rest period apparently allows the molecular components within to stabilize allowing for a smoother more velvet-like mouth-feel and taste.

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