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Talking Wine
with Ted Sandbach - August 2014

It sounds too perfect to be true! A beverage with an alcohol level of 5% has been invented by three students who say its consumption alongside other alcoholic drinks will stop you getting a hangover whilst not affecting the buzz gained. Called ‘Prime’ it is claimed that it has the amino acids and biochemicals your liver needs to naturally break down acetaldehyde and prevent it harming your body. It also apparently has the electrolytes needed to keep you hydrated and a vitamin B complex to prevent headaches."It only breaks down the toxic by products and not the alcohol itself" according to the press release. One Prime needs to be drank with every three glasses consumed suggest the students who are busy raising money to develop their ideas. On the other hand you could drink a little less and have lots of water - this usually seems to work!!


Talk about adding insult to injury. Two London based wine firms have worked together to cheat defrauded customers out of even more money by falsely claiming that they could help recover their losses. Capital Bordeaux Investments targeted the victims of previous scams by encouraging further investment to help them recover their losses but never bought or sold any wine and simply disappeared with the cash. I have warned you before in this column to be extremely cautious when investing in fine wine but if you wish to do so I will steer you in the right direction and recommend the well established and professional firms.


A new popcorn brand has emerged with an alcohol content of 5%. It is based on classic cocktails such as Gin and Tonic, Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Mojito and the alcohol is infused into the popcorn. If you nod off next time you are at the cinema you will know why!! Surprisingly it has won a few awards and can be purchased from Harrods at £2.99 a bag. It doesn't offer much appeal to me.


Here’s a lovely story from a sommelier I met recently. An elderly couple came into his restaurant to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. They were clutching a very old bottle of claret and willingly paid the corkage fee to drink this bottle on their very special occasion. It was from the year they met and when uncorked smelt quite revolting and stank of vinegar. Nevertheless they finished the bottle and left without saying a word. Two hours later they rang the restaurant to complain of food poisoning!!!