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I present all kinds of wine tasting formats, but by far the most popular one I present is my own Theo's Blind Tasting Challenge - see details below and Testimonials below:

Theo's Blind Tasting Challenge is an up tempo, fast moving and humorous interactive blind tasting event made easy. It has proved extremely popular over the years and I get lots of repeat bookings. The price is £22.00 inc VAT all inclusive per person with 18 people minimum - this doesn't mean that I can't run it with less people then 18 (12 or even 8 works fine) but less than 18 people is charged as 18 x £22.00 (£396.00) because the wine required is the same as for 18 people. There are also discounts for numbers above 30.

How the Game Works:

We will need a number of tables of between 4-10 people per table - for 20 people I would recommend 4 tables of 5 people which would form the teams for the night. They will each give themselves a name at the beginning of the event and I will move around the room getting the teams to talk to each other and to me. The eight wines are served in pairs with the bottles covered except for the first pair which serve as an introduction to the game. Each pair features wines made from the same grape variety with one coming from France and the other an equivalent from a new world country. The teams have to guess which of the two wines is the French wine, what the grape variety is and which country the new world wine is from. I give them all clues and a limited number of choices so that it's not hard, and by the end of the evening everyone will be getting pretty close anyway as they will have learnt the differences by taste. It's very informal and a really good laugh - the event lasts about 90 minutes. The winning team wins a bottle of fizz and there's a raffle for a good bottle at the end of the event!

What You Get:

8 different bottles of good wine - 4 whites, 4 reds. (Total numbers of bottles supplied depends on numbers for your event)

2 prizes - (winning team and raffle) a bottle of fizz and a good bottle recommended by Oz Clarke

Tasting sheets - special 15% offer order form

General equipment (pens, Champagne buckets for excess wine etc)

Discounts and Fun!

This is not about selling but if anyone wants to buy any of the wines I offer a special 15% discount on the wines shown on the day and free delivery for 6 bottles or more within 30 miles of Oxford. The game is great fun and interactive - I move around the room and everyone talks to each other. It's a competitive team game that is not hard and a very good laugh - bottle of fizz for the winning team. (And you learn about wine in the process!). This is my most popular format by a long way. It lasts for c.90 minutes and I regularly get repeat bookings.


We can supply an excellent venue at no extra cost which is our attractive Tasting Room below our shop in Turl Street in the very heart of Oxford. This has the advantages that there are all the top restaurants and bars of the city just around the corner. Alternatively, there is the option for you to provide your own venue and I can come to you and provide all equipment and glasses if necessary.


I require a £50.00 deposit at time of booking. The balance is paid one week in advance of the event when I will contact you to check on final numbers and timings.

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